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Putting Games

Drawback/Double Drawback

A true grinder's game- here a never ending strain is placed on your putting from start to finish. Only the most complete putting games perform well during this challenge. There are two formats, both of which are challenging and can be played for points or as stroke play. How to... 1. Map out a 9 or 18-hole putting course 2. After every putt, draw your ball away from the hole one standard putter lenght (35") and continue until you have holed out. 3. Scoring: 1 putt = 3 points 2 putt = 1 point 3 putt or more = -1 point 4. "DOUBLE DRAWBACK (advanced) Same rules but for every putt left short of the hole, draw your ball away from the hole 2 standard putter lengths. 1 putt = 3 points 2 putt = 1 point 3 putt = -1 point 4 putt = -2 points 5 putt or worse = -3 points

10 Foot Grinder

A game to challenge the nerves inside of 10 feet, this game is design to create some variability in your practice. This game will use a North and South configuration for setting up the tees. 1. Designate one hole on the putting green for this game. 2. Using tees, assign one side of the hole as odd numbers in distances (1ft, 3ft, etc.), going all the way up to 9ft (North). Assign the opposing side (South) as even numbers in feet going all the way to 10ft. 3. Begin the game at the 1ft tee. Once holed, go to the opposite side of the hole to find the 2' tee. Once holed, go back to the odd number side of the hole and putt from 3'. Continue this process until you reach 10'. 4. A few variations of this game can be played: - If a putt is missed, move up to the previous distance (ex: player misses the 5' putt, they go back to the 4' putt. A player is never remaining in the same position, regardless of a make or miss) - Advanced: If at any time you miss a putt, return back to the 1' putt to start over. The goal would be to make all 10 in a row.

NASCAR Putting

This putting game challenges the player's putting prowess under pressure from 5 - 15 feet. A head to head competition, the nature of NASCAR Putting resembles to racers battling for position until ultimately one player is passed by the other, resulting in a loss. How to... 1. Tees are configured around the hole in a North, South, East, and West pattern. 2. At North and South a tee is placed 5 feet from the hole. 3. At East and West, tees are placed 8, 12, and 15 ft from the hole. 4. Players begin the game opposing each other with 3 balls each (Player 1 at North tee, Player 2 at South tee) 5. Players alternate turns 6. Each player must make 3 in a row from their 5 ft tee to move on to the next location (East or West). 7. From there, a player places a ball at 8, 12, and 15 ft. - 2 of 3 must be holed to advance to the next location. 8. Players will rotate in the same direction until a player is caught and passed.

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